About Us

Corporate Office, Bengaluru, India

Ultra Laboratories  Private Limited is a Multinational Pharmaceutical company manufacturing, distributing and marketing premium quality generic medicines for over a decade. Ultra headquartered  in Bangalore is strongly patient focused and a leading company in the CIS countries exporting Dry Powder Injectable Small Volume Injectable, Large Volume Injectable Tablets , capsules and Liquid orals. We are currently on a fast pace expanding to Africa, South East Asia and Latin America.

Our Focus

Originator brand medicines generally cost substantially more than their generic equivalents. Patients purchasing medicines in the private sector pay, on average, 2.6 times more for originator brand than for their lowest priced generic equivalent. In developing countries, this price differential is more than 10 fold. When generic medicines are of  assured  quality  and are offered at lower prices than the corresponding originator  brand product, there  is a potential for patients and health systems to achieve equivalent health outcomes at a lower cost. The use of generics is therefore often  promoted  in  the public and private sectors to reduce medicine costs, and increase product availability and consumer access.

Global Trend

Over the years, India has become a leading pharmaceutical producer, with a fast growing generics and biosimilar market. India currently ranks fourth in the world among the highest generic pharmaceuticals producers and contributes 20% of global generic drug exports.

The global pharmaceutical market is evolving fast. The focus is now shifting from developed markets like the United States and Europe, where year-over-year growth is cooling down, to emerging markets like India, China and Russia. In these emerging markets, the scope for growth and opportunity is immense! India both produces and consumes pharmaceutical drugs, so it is very important for the global pharmaceutical market—and it has immense growth potential.