Our manufacturing plant operates as per cGMP norms. All our manufacturing facilities are inspected and approved by pharmaceutical regulatory authorities.

Serving the society for a decade, our entrepreneurial spirit, the passion to excel, continuous improvement in products and to meet the customer needs, we decided to make a new benchmark by establishing a brand new state of the art manufacturing plant in Karnataka, India.



We are a multi-product facility and maintain an impeccably clean and hygienic manufacturing area with controlled environmental conditions in order to prevent the cross contamination of drug substances. We build in Quality right from product development to delivery, ensuring that we manufacture premium quality products. The manufacturing facilities are as per cGMP norms to comply with WHO and PIC/S requirements. The manufacturing areas are  designed into different functioning zone to maintain the optimum environment required to ensure highest quality and safety for specific formulation area. All operations have individual air handling and environment control system to avoid cross contamination of products. Efforts are made to maximize automation and minimize human intervention.



Quality Assurance

We at Ultra Laboratories are very particular about quality. An appropriate quality assurance program in place goes a long way in enhancing the health service delivery to the community. In the laboratory, quality assurance involves the entire testing process: pre-analytical, analytical (testing), and post-analytical processes. It is an ongoing, comprehensive program, which analyzes every aspect of an entire operation; it involves determining a quality goal, deciding whether the goal has been achieved and implementing corrective action if the goal has not been reached.